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Friday, July 21, 2006

Thanks Secret Pal!

I received a Mix CD from my secret pal with some fabulous latin music on it. Between J and I, we have a gazillion CD's and I don't think we even have one that has latin music on it. The evening that I received the CD, I was playing it while I was in the kitchen cooking a marinara sauce (recipe from The Knitting Cook podcast). I was cooking, I was drinking a Mike's Hard Lemonade, and I was dancing around to the music. J came in and made some joke about what I was listening to...yet, within minutes, he was shaking his hips, too.

Well, I think I have played this CD at least 10 times since then...I love this music! Thanks, Secret Pal!

P.S. Feel free to share additional information such as song title, artist, etc.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Rumor Has It

Ok, here's what happened...

After Blue Jeans left, I was really quite distressed and it went on for several days. Every time I thought about him I cried, even though I knew that he had gone to a great home. I was fortunate to have met the adopters and truly believe that Blue Jeans would be happier with them than at my house. He wanted to be an only dog and that would not be the case if I had kept him.

So what, then, was causing such torment inside of me? Well, I sat down and figured it out. I knew that it was best for Blue Jeans that he go to this new home, but... what did Blue Jeans think? I may be anthropomorphizing by asking that question; but, we don't really know to what extent dogs think, or feel. Did he think I had abandoned him? Or, worse still, did he think that he had done something wrong to cause us to give him up? Not knowing the answers to these questions was what was tearing me up inside and the reason for my daily tears.

About a week ago, I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror trying to get ready for work. It was difficult to put in my contacts and put on makeup because my eyes were red and wet. That's when my dog Rumor came in. I looked into his big brown eyes and asked "Rumor, help me understand...what was it like for you when you left your foster home and came to live with us? Did you feel you had been abandoned?" "No, because I knew that I was right where I was supposed to be" was the answer that immediately came back to me.

Did I experience animal communication? Am I crazy? Or, did what I already know to be true just finally come to the surface? I don't have these answers. All I can tell you is what happened. And, that since then, I have felt a sense of gratitude and relief...and I have been able to move forward.


Saturday, July 01, 2006

Happy Birthday Blue Jeans!

Blue Jeans is 4 years old today. His birthday gift...he finally has a forever home.

Blue Jeans was my foster first foster. Well, technically my dog Rumor was my first foster; but, I don't count him because I never intended for anyone else to adopt him. I knew we would adopt him from day one.

Blue Jeans last race was in the middle of May. About 2 weeks later, I picked him up at the animal hospital where he had been neutured, had his teeth cleaned, vaccinated, wormed, etc.

He lived with us for 5 weeks and it is amazing how quickly I became attached to him, and him to me. We wanted to adopt him even though we live in a very small house and already have 2 Greyhounds. But, he showed us pretty clearly that he preferred to be the only Greyhound in the family and was very willing and ready to soak up all the attention. So, I had to let him go.

A fabulous couple living in the South End of Boston adopted him. They have no other dogs and no children...just 2 cats. They will totally spoil him. They already have a list of things they are buying for him, the doggie bakeries they will take him to, his daily walk schedule, and a local Greyhound group that meets for weekly walks. How wonderful is that?!?

I feel good about what I did for Blue Jeans. I was his coach...his tutor...for 5 weeks. I taught him how to get in a car, go up and down stairs, and how to live in a house. I know he will be happy where he was placed. So, this morning, on his 4th birthday, Blue Jeans was picked up to be delivered to his home. Though in tears, I gave him a hug and a kiss and sent him on his way.

And, still I am so sad. I really miss him...

Happy Birthday, Blue Jeans!

More information on adopting or fostering a Greyhound can be found locally for NH through Greyhound Pets of America-Central New Hampshire Chapter, or nationally through GPA.