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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Good Thing I'm Left-Handed

After being gone all day, I came home and found my left mitten on the kitchen floor. This set of mittens is made from the Love Collection, designs by Dawn Brocco, knit with Plymouth Alpaca Boucle. I love these mittens. They are soft, warm and very comfortable. I just finished them this February; so, they have only been worn a few times.

is the other mitten?

Found it! It was on the floor in the den. This is what the right mitten now looks like...

This is Stella...Stella is a very bad dog...Ugh!

Monday, April 24, 2006

It's all about my knitting!

I never thought I'd be blogging...really, I didn't. I don't feel like I have as much time as I'd like now for knitting. I have a part-time job, that I enjoy; but, it does definitely get in the way of my knitting time...although, it does pay for yarn. I have some other home-related responsibilities, which also get in the way of what I really love...which is knitting, and other things related to knitting. (I wish I could make money doing something knitting-related; but, I haven't figured that out yet.) I also read many knitting-related blogs, of, who would have thought that I would think I had the time to write a blog of my own? Certainly, not me! So, that brings up the question then of why am I blogging?

Quite simply, I am blogging because I want to participate in the current Secret Pal...which is Secret Pal 8. I first heard about Secret Pal awhile back...I think it was Secret Pal 5. Ran right over to the website only to discover that I needed a blog to join...big sigh...guess I can't join. Then, there was Secret Pal 6...I wanted to join; but, I knew that I did not meet the blogging requirement. Secret Pal 7 somehow slipped past me, and then, Secret Pal 8. I was very excited when I heard and, strangely enough, I had forgotten about the blog requirement.. I quickly went to the website only to be reminded that you had to have a blog to participate. I am.

Who knows? I may really get into this whole blogging phenomenon. Anyway, that's it for now... my dogs and cats (my children) are hungry and must be fed. Next time, however, I will share with you what I'm knitting currently...and hopefully, show some pictures, as well. Oh,, I have been working on my Streakers Shrug from Interweave Knits Spring 2006
...more to follow...