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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What Happened to February?

Secret Pal is back...SP10, to be more specific. And, with that, I am back from my break from blogging. So, what happened in February? Well, SP9 ended, I switched jobs, had a major birthday, went to Vegas, have some FO's to show, and signed up for SP10.

I will play catch-up, in greater detail, over the next few posts; but, for today I would like to do a public display of gratitude to Knitting Sheeple, my spoiler for SP9. (I did send her a thank you card privately right away.)

This is what I saw as I opened the box...colorful and enticing, the kind of package that has me all a twitter even before I know what’s in it.

And, it did not disappoint. Inside...a plethora of goodies!

A beautiful skein of TOFUtsies sock know, the new sock yarn from SWTC that contains Chitin, made from shrimp and crab shells, described as being naturally!

And...what could be better? More sock yarn! The color did not photograph well; but, it is a beautiful purple...100% Alpaca...super soft and luscious.

Is a package really complete without...CHOCOLATE? Uh, no! As I said...Knitting Sheeple did not disappoint. These chocolate bars were really scrumptious...with exotic flavors mixed in of hickory smoked almonds and gray sea salt in the bar on the left, and ground coffee and cinnamon in the bar on the right. Yum!

Finally, the perfect pattern for my single skein of SeaSilk yarn. Remember this? This is the absolutely gorgeous skein of SeaSilk that Clandestine Knitter (how she was originally known to me until the reveal) sent in my first package. Since receiving it, I have not been able to decide what to use it for. I've been looking for just the right pattern. And, here it is. After a photo of this finished shawl appeared on Yarn Harlot's blog, it became the shawl to do with just one skein of SeaSilk.

All in all...a great package, and a great Secret Pal. Clearly, she read in-between the lines of my blog and knew just what I would like. Thank you!!!!

So as not to start off on the wrong foot with my SP10 Spoiler, I will give the answers to the SP10 Questionnaire in the next post...probably tomorrow. Until then, here is how I answered the questions in SP8 and SP9.


Blogger Kerry said...

You won the drawing on my blog! Congrats! I've left a link on my last post for my email so you can drop me your snail mail addy. :-)

9:21 PM  

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